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Care for Your Pots


Dishwasher safe?

Yes! Although, it is generally recommended you hand wash pottery. For us it depends on the item. Bowls, cups, mugs and plates we run through the dishwasher. Larger pots we hand wash.

Microwave Safe?

100% microwave safe! Just be careful moving hot pots from the microwave! They will be HOT ;)

Oven Safe?

Absolutely oven safe! Similar to glassware you bake with, avoid thermal shock! So don't run cold water over a hot pot because it will most likely crack or break.

Stovetop? Open Flame?

Sorry no :( It's not a controlled enough heating for ceramics. It will most likely crack due to uneven heating and thermal shock.


With proper care, your pottery will last for lifetimes. Artwork you can enjoy and use forever. Be mindful of rims and edges while moving your pots (i.e. in and out of the dishwasher) They can take some accidental banging, but if dropped too harshly they can chip or break.

Broken, cracked, or chipped?

If this happened during shipping let us know ASAP With pics of the shipping damage. We can refund you or simply replace with a new pot. If this happens by accident after safely arriving to you, depending on how bad the damage is, the pot could still be functional! Minor chips (i.e. on the rim and foot of pots) can be sanded and still used. If there are visible deep cracks that happen in the pot, don't eat food directly from the surface (bacteria loves to live in those hard to clean cracks). You can epoxy or "glue" broken pieces back together, but they are no longer food safe. They can be used for visual decor or non food items.

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